Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Notes from "Orthodoxy And The Kingdom of Satan ~ Father Spyridon Interview"

Interviewer: "Hello, I'm here with Father Spyridon, and he's going to talk about his new book Orthodoxy and the Kingdom of Satan. Father, what lead you to write this book?"

Father Spyridon: "I had been reading a book called Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future by Seraphim Rose, an American monk. And a number of the issues, the themes he was discussing sounded very interesting. But I realised many of those themes about occultism in our world and the way the New Age movement has effected our culture and society have gone even now far beyond anything that he was describing. And I thought it would be interesting to pursue those things, and perhaps examine exactly where we are today. But as I began to research those themes I recognised that things have gone so much more developed. They've advanced so quickly, beyond anything Father Seraphim Rose could have imagined. And I realised it isn't simply a New Age movement, it isn't ideas, it isn't attracting people into occult practices, but it is actually in institutions. Major organisations, worldwide international organisations, which are now pushing this agenda, this occult agenda. And are actually promoting a very specific worldview."

Interviewer: "Can you describe how these systems are linked and their goal?"

Father Spyridon:
"In my research, I discovered, to my surprise, banking systems. The United Nations. The EU. A number of major international organisations and systems that were working towards a single goal. The same aim. And that there were very clearly links between them. And links between groups such as the freemasons. And the conclusion that I couldn't avoid is that they are working towards a single world government. Now, when we start talking about one world government, warning bells certainly go off in certain peoples heads. But my conclusion was that this was a very deliberate misrepresentation. People have been led to form these connections in their minds. So when they hear certain phrases they reject them immediately. It's almost like camouflage for what's happening. And this single system, this single agenda, is clearly working towards the reign of anti-Christ."

Interviewer: "You describe how our perception of the world is being controlled. Can you say something about that?"

Father Spyridon:
"That's right. The first part of the book sets out exactly how these different organisations are working towards this goal. But the second part of the book looks at the way our perception is influenced. The way we are being manipulated. So I look at education. I look at the media, particularly television and Hollywood, but also the arts and music. And the different strands that the human mind is being manipulated through and by. So that people are actually living within a single system of thought that is artificial and isn't theirs. Everything that they are hearing, from magazines to the radio to the television, from movies, are all giving the same message, the same worldview. And it becomes very difficult for people to actually think outside of that bubble. It is a single worldview. And when somebody comes along and starts questioning it, it immediately seems strange or even insane. And yet people are being manipulated. The whole system, the whole structure is guiding people into a state of receptiveness. A willingness to go along with this great agenda."

Interviewer: "In the last part of the book you talk about warnings from Orthodox Saints. Why should we know about this?"

Father Spyridon: "Well it's important because these conclusions aren't just my own. As I researched this I discovered that many of the great Saints, even Saints not just in our recent times but before the Russian revolution were describing these things. They were prophesying what was about to take place. We see particularly in the writings of people like Saint Paisios, clearly set out, these events that we now see happening around us. And it's important, as you ask, it's important for us to know about these things thus we cannot sleep walk in to the future. We cannot sleepwalk into a New World Order, as they like to call it. We cannot sleepwalk into slavery, a financial slavery initially. We are being led, we are being led down a certain road. And as Christians, we have been giving warnings. God has spoken to us through our Saints, through the book of Revelations, through the warnings from Christ. We must take to heart these important warnings. We must stand back. We must not allow ourselves to become enslaved, and become servants of anti-Christ."

Interviewer: "Thank you Father, and thank you for writing the book."

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Notes from "Are Conspiracies Rational? Biblical?" by Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer: "The time of the JFK situation, the establishment (via the CIA) put out the idea that anything that questioned the official scenario and narrative was a "conspiracy theory". Don't get me algorithm... don't get me.

So the origin of that term itself is weaponised, it's intended to give the impression that anyone who questions official narratives is thereby engaged in flights of fancy, wild speculations, crazy... you know... incoherent babble. And that may be the case. But really the term has no meaning. It's just a throwaway term that people throw out there to try to dismiss actual discussion, investigation and argumentation.

And in many ways it's very effective as a kind of fallacy, it's a fallacious tool right? It's more of slogan. I don't even know if it's actually a fallacy. I mean... ad hominem? I don't know what that would be. I mean... if we really stop and think about this term, and dissect it, and then we compare it to history and ultimately we want to talk about what scripture says about conspiracies. Are they Biblical? Is it a Biblical idea? We're actually going to find in many cases scripture is full of conspiracy. Many, many cases actually. Quite a few.

So... I'm going to look at a few of those but if we stop for a moment and think about what are conspiracies? They're essentially versions of people plotting and conspiring. It's a term in law. Right? A legal action. Conspiracy. In many legal circles.

One of the books I'll be covering in the future is the famous priest, Father Francis Dvornik who has a great book on the history of the The Photian Schism. If you've not read that I highly recommend it. But he also has another rare book that hardly anyone has read because it's out of print, called the Origin of Intelligence Services. Now he was a uniate priest, so I'm not recommending everything he said but he was a fascinating character and historian. Certainly his Photian book has changed the Roman Catholic view, opinion of Photios in many instances and cases.

But as you can see, the history of Intelligence Services, just from mainline history, is in fact nothing but a bunch of conspiring at the state, imperial, highest levels. If we go back to Genesis, we don't have to look at history... ...anyone who has read history knows history is filled with espionage and conspiracies. Especially if you have read, like I have, extensively on the French revolution. The French revolution was full of conspirers, full of people in secret societies, full of people who were "Illuminists", in lodges, planning and plotting the overthrow of the Monarchy, the overthrow of Church and State. Altar and Throne. Which is one example of many. But, again, there have been many, many, many palace plots and coups, those we're all done on the basis of conspirers.

So every detective, every police detective when he begins to work on a case, I have a guy I know from high school who is a detective, I know countless people in multiple fields now doing what I do. Some of them do this kind of work. They formulate theories. They gather together pieces of evidence and they formulate a narrative, a theory, an explanation. To make sense of, to make coherent all these disparate pieces and puzzle bits of information to put them in a coherent whole. Not just to tell a story, but hopefully the correct story.

If we look to Scripture we will see that there are many examples of conspiracies. In the Genesis account, the very beginning, we have the conspiracy of Satan against Mankind. Satan conspires to introduce death into the world, to turn man away from God and to himself. Ultimately, this was a trick, as Jesus says in the Gospels, the devil was a liar and a deceiver from the beginning. When we read the book of Genesis we see plots, we see conspiracies, we see attempts to kill brethren (Cane and Abel).

We see members even of God's people turning to whores, prostitutes. And then later, being discovered and found out for the conspiracy. In the case of Judah.

We see the brethren of Joseph conspiring to sell Joseph into slavery. At first it was going to be to kill him. Then they all conspired to sell him into slavery. Joseph obviously then, being betrayed by his brethren, thrown in a pit, sold to slavers, and then raised up from being believed... that he was believed to be dead to a position of power, next to Pharaoh. That is a type and image of course of the person of Christ. But, setting that aside, we see right away this is a conspiracy.

In the book of Judges, we read of conspiracies. We read of assassins who went to destroy pagan kings. In the book of Joshua, we read of spies, who go out to do reconnaissance. And to conspire on how to take the Promised Land.

Throughout the books of Kings, we see many instances of conspiracies. Uh.. well, I don't want to forget also Samson. Delilah conspires, and sets up a pretty intricate conspiracy to take down Samson. Right? She conspires with the Philistines.

In many cases throughout the books of the Kings, Chronicles, we have palace coups, plots, deceptions. Saul conspires to have David put to death. Other Kings conspire to kill Priests. Saul also killed an entire batch of Priests. Many, many other Kings are also later involved in plots, coups and conspiracies.

The prophets at times speak of conspiracies. Conspiracies against God's people, conspiracies of Kings. But we also have the warning. Oh, I can't forget the biggest one. Pharaoh conspires to kill the first born of the Jews. God of course returns that by the plagues. But that was a plot on the part of the state. Then Herod, mimicking Pharaoh, plots the murder of the first born.  He does the exact same thing because it is the same spirit motivating him that motivated Pharaoh. Namely a satanic spirit.

But from the beginning we see that plots, coups, conspiracies, espionage, are all through the Bible. Anyone who has knowledge of the Bible knows that. When we come to the Gospels, we see the Pharisees plotting. When we come to the book of Acts, we see many, many plots against the Apostles. Attempts to undermine them, to lie about them, to take them down.

The Church Fathers in many cases dealt with plots and conspiracies of people trying to destroy the Church, to come into the Church, to deceive the Church, to lie about the Church. In the Apocalypse, Chapter 12, we read about a spiritual conspiracy of all of history, of the dragon, persecuting God's people, the Church. From the beginning of Genesis all the way to the end of time. I believe that scripture, Apocalypse 12, is looking at the whole of human history. From the beginning to the end. And we see that it was a plot, in the latter chapters of the Apocalypse, we read about the false prophet and the anti-Christ, the beast, who conspires, plots to set up a world government. To set up a false religion. And then to destroy the worship of God, the true worship of God, and God's Church. That's a plot. That's a conspiracy. It's a global, cosmic, spiritual conspiracy.

We see that scripture, history, the tradition of the Church, the history of espionage, is full of conspiracies. They're in fact, the norm of history. And contrary to modern ignorance, they're not rare occurrences or happen stance crazy events. They are actually very common.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction. This is the case. It is the Biblical view. I should add the caveat of course that Isaiah does caution in one section, not everything that they say "conspiracy, conspiracy" is in fact a conspiracy. So we have to be careful not to overdo this. Not to get to conspiratorial. Not everything is a conspiracy. Obviously. That would be silly, ludicrous. Some people will fall into that error. Where everything is read in a certain way. Version of the Texas Sharpshooter fallacy right? Where we look at clusters of evidence and we interpret every cluster of evidence as part of a grand narrative of conspiracy. That's not true. Not everything is a conspiracy. And not everything can be blamed or excused... "I don't have any moral agency because everything is conspiracy". That's what Isaiah's point is right? Not everything is a conspiracy. But, sometimes there are conspiracies. So hopefully, we have a balanced and historical view on this. We don't go overboard or crazy with these ideas and we keep to the middle path so to speak."

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Notes from "It's Time for Action" by Elder Joseph of Vatopedi

Elder Joseph of Vatopedi: "When we take heed, the power to oppose sin awakens from inside ourselves. However, when you do it by your own hand?! (cause yourself to sin) Why do you open the door to curiosity? "What is this thing? Who put it there? Wouldn't it be good if I had it too?"

Where do you see the vow of poverty in a monk's life? The beginning of the monastic life is the vow of poverty, by one's own free will, and a humble mind (thought). We do not need things that are in surplus! Why do you preoccupy yourself with useless things?

I stayed ten years next to Gheronda Joseph the Hesychast... We didn't even have anything to wear. We would go to monasteries and receive some old pieces of clothing that they were throwing out. Those were our clothes. Many times we wanted to wash them, but how if we didn't have other clothes to change into? Not to mention new or clean clothes? Where could something like that be found? However, this entire experience represented the foundation of the denial of worldly cares?

The mind, having been freed from all worldly cares, was returning to Christ, and she was being prepared to maintain lit, within herself, the fervent love of God! Since the monk practically gave himself over, through self-denial, poverty, and through the love of toil/labour. That is why I ask you guys to take great heed! Do not prefer self-love and self-satisfaction. Why do you desire this for yourselves? What use are these pleasures to us? We have so many things that are in surplus!

Take heed of the war that is on the right hand side, which is more difficult and harder to perceive. When I say this, I am referring to the following things. The war that is on the left hand side, from the irrational side; it is evident that it causes us shame. However, the war from the right hand side is not clearly distinguishable. It starts from the pretext, "Oh this thing is beautiful, I need to also have it. Why should he have it? Why should he take it, and not me?" "Why should I not go out and buy for myself that thing, which will be pleasant and comfortable for me?"

All these temptations are from the right hand side. Because we justify ourselves, as if we truly need that thing and that it would not be right for us to not get it. What then can the mind do when it is enslaved?! Take heed, fathers! Take heed! I've spoke to you other times, but I repeat it again to you now. Among us lie people from the outside world, who come here through their labours and sacrifices, leaving their family behind for a period of time. Why did they come? For us to give them a piece of bread?

They come here because they believe that we, monks, discovered the path of repentance, and they want to use us as examples of a way of life. Christ did not tell us to preach to others through words, rather He told us, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven" (Matthew 5:16).

People have grown tired of hearing words... People want to entrust themselves via experience; if it is possible to implement Christianity nowadays as well. Yes, it is! I asked people who were spiritually advanced, to give them a reason to have a dialogue with me, if miracles happened nowadays aswell. One was speaking to the other, "Yes, they exist!", "How do you define miracles?"

"Do you not see how a young man, from a very rich family, can have self-restraint, watchfulness, be discreet, he goes daily to Church, he confesses, and he lives a Christian-like life, despite there being so many temptations around him?" "This is a miracle!" Do you see? It is about the image we present to the world! They will make use of us if they see us filled with meekness, humility, benevolence, patience, and in poverty...Why do I desire something if it is not of use to me? So that I may have another burden in addition to the rest?

All the things that I previously mentioned, prove to us that this is the light that Christ spoke of. The mission of evangelism, in our times, is the Christian life, with an authentic way of life. People ask to see this thing from us. This is the reason they come closer to us. What other purpose would they have? Woe is us, if we won't be examples! God separated us from all things, bringing us here, without us having any other concerns. The monastery life simplified very easily our daily lives, we don't have any worldly concerns. We will find a plate with prepared food, a robe that is already sewn and good to wear, and a cell to sleep in. That's all! The monk doesn't even have a reason to scatter his mind and to exit his state of repentance! Therefore, our visitors have a right to have certain expectations and demands from us, wishing to see a virtuous life in which we put repentance to work; for which reason we find ourselves here!"

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Notes from "The Spiritual Danger of Money" by Father Spyridon

Father Spyridon: "Unless we live in a monastery, all of us are required in some form to handle money. Even monks have to use money for transactions. And we have to be very careful. St. Gregory Palamas tells us that when we handle money we should be as attentive and watchful as if we are handling a poisonous snake. If we're handling a snake, we watch the snake. When we handle money, we watch ourselves, our hearts, our feelings. We must look for the way we are spending our money. Are we using it for excessive luxury? Frivolities? Are we becoming focused with how much money we've actually got?

Christ says to us that where our riches are, so there will be our hearts. Do we lock our hearts away in the dark places where gold and silver is stored? Covetousness, this desire for money is so unnatural to us. The Church Fathers tell us that so many of our passions are a deformed version of parts of ourselves that are natural. But, a love of money is something very alien to our nature. And it can be like a great tree, the roots of a tree, growing so that from its branches many passions and many sins may form. Sins of jealousy, envy, covetousness, greed, even murder and theft. So from this tree many many sins can afflict us. Of course it isn't the money itself that is the sin, it is the love of money.

Abraham, the prophet Abraham was very wealthy. There have been many great Saints through the history of the Church who have had wealth. But they have used that wealth wisely, for the service of others, for the service of the Church.

So, it is covetousness that afflicts us whether we are rich or poor, whether we have huge amounts of money or no money at all. If we fall into covetousness, then we make an idol, we make an idol of money. Because we begin to trust, trust in something other than God. It may stem from a fear, a fear of tomorrow, a fear of anxiety, a desire to make ourselves feel safe in this material world. But we are still putting our trust in something other than God. Christ calls us to be rich in virtues, in good works. Christ calls us to be inheritors of the riches of the Kingdom of God. Yes we must all use money, but let us be watchful, let us be careful, that we do not make an idol of our wealth."

"Using money properly is the hardest skill of all. Harder to learn than working with leather, wood, or any other material." ~ St. John Chrysostom

"He who despises what is material is rid of quarrels & controversies; but the covetous man will fight til death for a needle." ~ St. John Climacus

"Who is the greedy man? One for whom plenty does not suffice." ~ St. Basil the Great

"The acts of charity you do not perform are the injustices you commit." ~ St. Basil the Great

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Friday, August 14, 2020

Notes from "Warning! The video is not for everybody... Just the Facts!!" by Nicholson 1968

"We are Human capital (Executive Order 13037). Britain is owned by the Vatican (Treaty of 1213).

You own no property, slaves can't own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session).

The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF (Presidential Documents Volume 29-No.4 pg. 113, 22 U.S.C 285-288). The IMF is an Agency of the UN (Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. Pg. 816).

Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF. The Application for a Social Security Number is the SS5 form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5 not the Social Security Administration.

New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Gulliani stated on C-Span that "New York City was the capital of the World" and he was correct (20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2).

The King of England financially backed both sides of the Revolutionary war (Treaty at Versailles July 16, 1782, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80). America is a British Colony (The United States is a Corporation, not a land mass and it existed before the Revolutionary war. The British troops did not leave until 1796).

A 1040 form is for tribute paid to Britain (IRS Publication 6209). Everything in the "United States" is For Sale: roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, water, prisons, airports, etc (Executive Order 12803).

The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States. No more reorganisations. After over 200 years of operating under bankruptcy it's finally over (Executive Order 12803).

Leaders of the U.S. before George Washington

Presidents of Congress (September 5 1774 - November 5th, 1781)

  1. Peyton Randolph
  2. Henry Middleton
  3. John Hancock
  4. Henry Laurens
  5. John Jay
  6. Samuel Huntington
  7. Thomas McKean

Presidents under the Articles of Confederation (November 5th, 1781 - November 15, 1788)

  1. John Hanson
  2. Elias Boudinot
  3. Thomas Mifflin
  4. Richard Henry Lee
  5. John Hancock
  6. Nathaniel Gorham
  7. Arthur St. Clair
  8. Cyrus Griffin

The etymology of "government" means "to control the mind"."

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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Notes from "Practical Steps to Humility" by Father Spyridon

Father Spyridon: "Both Lent, and the period leading up to Lent are really an intensification of all the things we should be doing through out the year. Fasting, praying, reflecting on how we're living and so on... And this intensification of our struggle is really more than just preparing for Pascha. It is an intensification of this preparation to meet God to stand before God in judgment.

And on our first Sunday in this period we've been presented with the parable of the pharisee and the publican. Jesus tells us of 2 men, in the temple. 1 who lists his virtues, is full of pride. We may say, who is it is he worshipping? It isn't God, but himself. He's self-satisfied because he believes he has achieved enough, he's done enough, he has no need of God.

But the publican, who recognises he has fully immersed in sin, has nothing to offer God, nothing but a plea, a single prayer for mercy and forgiveness... And Jesus tells us that it is the publican who leaves justified.

It's interesting that Jesus says both men went up to pray. St. Gregory Palamas tells us that this is more than just a physical climbing of Mount Zion, where the temple was built. But a lifting up into prayer, both men intended to pray, to rise above earthly things. St. Gregory Palamas warns us that just as we go to Church and should rise up and leave behind our earthly concerns, everyone of us is capable instead of pulling down the Church, bringing down the Church to our earthly, carnal level. We must repent, leave these things behind, let our hearts rise to God in prayer. Both men went up to pray, Jesus said, but only one was justified.

The pharisee was unable to worship God because of his pride, the Fathers again and again tell us that pride is satanic. But, humility is the virtue of the angels, everyone of us is called to be humble. Humble ourselves before God. Well, we've had the scriptural foundation, we've got the theology. How do we do this practically in our lives?

Well, when we look at the publican as he stands before God, he condemns himself, he looks at the truth of his life and he judges himself guilty. The pharisee lacks self-awareness, he has no true reflection on who and what he is.

Everyone of us must put some time aside now to reflect on how we are living. Think about the people that we share our lives with, our family, neighbours, friends, work colleagues. Think of their faces and their names and instead of thinking of what they've said and what they've done, look carefully at the movement of our hearts. What comes to us when we think of these people? Is it compassion? Is it love? Or is there judgement, condemnation? We are to judge what we truly find there, see ourselves as we truly are, it requires self-examination.

So as well as our fasting, as well as our additional prayer and struggle, let us take time to reflect, to look with honesty at our own hearts. Let us humble ourselves when we see what we find there and let us offer that plea to God that we hear from the publican."

"What is sin able to do where repentance is found? And what will love profit where there is pride?" ~ Abba Elijah

"For the Lord, a humble sinner is more pleasing than a righteous man who is proud." ~ Elder Barsanuphios of Optina

"Humble yourself in everything; only to the humble does the Lord give grace." ~ Elder Athanasius of Plaschansk

"There is no shorter road to God than that of self-reproach and humility." ~ The Desert Fathers

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Notes from "What To Do During the End Times? Elder Proclu (Orthodox Hermit and Ascetic)"

Reporter: "Can a Christian nowadays be saved if they live in a city? In the middle of so many trials and temptations? Or is it necessary for them to withdraw, maybe not into the wilderness, but into the mountains or maybe next to a monastery or even in a monastery?"

Elder Proclu: "Look here! Not all people are successful when surrounded by many people. Meaning, for some people, who are weaker (in faith), it's good for them to withdraw, so that they can have the ability to escape all the things that surround them. Because if you have the ability to fight, meaning to fight against the evil spirits... How can I do this? I can do prostrations, prayers, I can get up at night to pray, to not have any grudges against anyone, to not have enmity against anyone... To be able to serve God. And some can also save themselves while living in the city, but there are fewer there. Because you have to live with the purpose of gaining your salvation. And to do this while living among others, you need to have a watchful mind and a fear of God."

Reporter: "So it is possible in the world as well?"

Elder Proclu:
"Yes, it is possible! But, only if you are capable of handling yourself. If you can handle it you have the grace, you go to confession, and you have nothing against anyone, meaning you don't have any ill will towards anyone. And to desire salvation for everyone. But in the present moment it is necessary for monks, priests, nuns, and Christians that have advanced in asceticism to pray... so that the Good God will illumine those who are in power to be able to handle the situation, because they can maintain peace and tranquility. Because if the Holy Spirit will illumine them as well as Christians to live in peace and without unrest, then the Holy Spirit will also calm the storm which appears."

Reporter: "I would like to ask you for some advice for those people who think that the end of the world will come during this generation, who think that is the beginning of the end."

Elder Proclu: "Look, I don't do this. I don't pray God to reveal to me the end of the world. I pray for my end (death). Because God will not ask me about the end of the world. Because we could be living the end without anyone stating that it is the end. When we see that the entire house (world) is in a state of unrest, and that people do not have the (spiritual) eyes to see each other... Woe is me!"

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